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Richard Marx: Werelion Troubador

Marxy by *Juffs on deviantART

Let the magnitude of this moment sink in. Embrace your unease, and with it that queasy, lubricated sensation deep in your colon that cries out for a relief that must never come. Unleash your sanity so that it may rut in the yard with Chaos and on it sire a litter of beautiful abominations. You have beheld that which should not be.

For you have just realized that somewhere out there is a person who looked at a photo of Richard Marx and somehow saw a brooding, masculine, anthropomorphized lion with a mullet.

Just think about that while you’re trying to go to sleep tonight.

Good luck.

Disney Truth: Belle & Ariel Explain Life To Young Girls


Yeah, that’s about right. But even righter are J. Scott Campbell’s renditions of various Disney princesses:

Oh, and here’s a non-Disney princess –Slave Leia– just because.


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