Questions (occasionally deserving) & Answers (fitfully coherent):

  • Um, what does come before part B?
    If you need help with that one, short-bus, I’m not sure you need to be here.
  • What’s the point?
    Amusing both myself and the fragmentary reflections of my own insecurities that I like to think of as you.
  • How is this any different than other, significantly more successful blogs featuring pretty people and pitiful attempts at humor?
    Those other blogs have been proven in laboratory tests to cause rectal bleeding; WCBPB would never do that to you without a safeword. But aside from that, some of our “pretty people” stuff is original material, and once you get past the surface layer of chilling sociopathy, we’re as cuddly as a teddy bear stuffed with snakes.
  • Any comment policies?
    “Don’t be a dumbass” would probably top the list. “Avoid doing crap that will get WCBPB in trouble with anyone’s lawyer” should definitely feature. “If you’re going to be obnoxious, at least be interesting,” should be your motto.

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