Steve Jobs May Be A Pervert (Also, Leggings Are Not Pants)

[video mp4="http://beforepartb.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/girl-in-apple-store.mp4" poster="http://beforepartb.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/vlcsnap-00080.jpg"  width="448" height="336"]

I’m assuming that Job #1 for all Apple Store employees is collecting the webcam footage they record and forwarding it to a massive bunker under Steve’s house. There, a team of naked Colombians spend their time jogging on treadmills to charge his MacBook’s batteries, while a group of video editors painstakingly sort the footage into two categories: “Chicks Whose Mothers Have Failed Them” and “Fat People Leaving Sbarro Stains On The iMacs”. I hear he jerks it to the former, and whips himself with a USB cable while watching the latter.

For the record, my source for this story was the homeless unicorn who lives in a box behind Cold Stone Creamery, where he works part-time ejaculating rainbow sprinkles into a bucket. So, y’know… it’s pretty much guaranteed to be true. (For certain values of “guaranteed” and “true”.)


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