Frost & Pegg: The Only Thing That Makes Me Even Consider Going To A Seth Rogen Movie In 2011

I love how the folks behind Paul are dangling this bit of genre-comedy raw meat in front of movie fans… they know that for most people, their film amounts to “there’s a CG alien voiced by that guy who was kinda amusing in Knocked Up and Pineapple Express but who stopped being funny back before we knew what a Situation was, and it’s directed by that guy who made that movie that everyone thought was The Funniest Thing Ever until we all saw The Hangover and thought, ‘oh, fuck you Michael Cera’.”

Seriously, at this point, I’d rather watch a movie starring Joe Rogan, or the corpse of Paul Hogan. Or even Hulk Hogan! Or… think about it… a movie where the handyman from NewsRadio, Crocodile Dundee’s skeletonized remains, and the Hulkster fight to the death in an arena filled with Nazi ninja vikings from a far off land called Irrelevancy. I want to see that. Not in a movie. For real.

So they toss this out to remind people that Nick Frost and Simon Pegg are a fantastic pair of actors and writers, and no matter how soul-searingly awful the trailer makes the movie look, there’s a fair chance that somewhere within the bowels of this Frankenstein’s Monster of comedic sensibilities lurks something worthy of its Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz pedigree.

You’ll have to pardon me, though, if I don’t get my hopes up.

(I never get them up. They like to sleep late during the week. Then they come-to, reeking of booze and covered in glitter they picked up off some whore, and it’s all ‘why didn’t you get me up, you know I have work,’ and I’m like, ‘the office called, said you haven’t been there all week,’ and then things just escalate until I’ve finally had enough of the lies and I shoot ‘em in the throat. That’s right: my hopes died, and I killed them! I fucking did it! Is that what you wanted to hear?! Get out of my house! Get out!)

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