Girl with a Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace: Jewelry For That Special Someslut

In search of a gift for the upcoming holiday season, but not sure what your special lady (or even specialer dude) really wants? Look no further than Pearl Necklace, designed by Leah Piepgras. Here’s her site’s description:

Pearl Necklace is a seemingly amorphous cast silver shape on a chain that is actually an accurate representation of semen.

Maybe your semen, Leah. Mine looks more like this:

"It's a spooge rainbow, all the way across the sky...!"

The necklace comes in two designs, one of which is certain to match your lover’s taste in viscous pools of freshly squeezed man-extract.

I prefer the second version… it has more character. The first is immature, like a Boy Scout just rubbed one out over your loved one’s clavicle. That means it’s inappropriate for most adult women, unless she’s an algebra teacher in the Florida public school system, in which case, hey, go wild, tiger… you’re gonna need to mow a lotta lawns to pay for one of these!

Head over to Leah’s site and buy one of these puppies for a cool body-temperature $420.

(hat tip: The Secret Diaries of an Extraordinary Girl)

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